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Reconditioned Pallets

General Pallet offers a wide variety of reconditioned pallets, including 48x40 Grade A pallets, 48x40 Grade B pallets, chemical pallets, drum pallets, and Euro pallets. A reconditioned wooden pallet is a pallet which has been repaired. Repairs include removing and replacing broken boards and splinting broken stringers. A reconditioned pallet is repaired to the same overall size as the original pallet.

Grade A pallets

Grade A pallets are pallets which were originally built to a 48x40 specification and have been repaired. They are generally brighter in appearance than Grade B pallets and have no broken boards or stringers. Some companies in our industry refer to Grade A pallets as “Number 1” grade. Boards are the pieces of wood on the top and bottom of the pallet and stringers are the pieces of wood that are between the boards and run perpendicular to the boards in the same direction as the forklift tines. Please contact us for availability and pricing on our Grade A pallets.

Grade A pallets

Grade B pallets

Grade B pallets are pallets that were also originally built to a 48x40 specification, but they have repaired stringers and may not be as bright in appearance. Grade B pallets are sometimes referred to as “Number 2 grade" pallets. Grade B pallets are more economically priced than Grade A pallets. Please contact us for availability and pricing on our Grade B pallets.

Grade B pallets

Drum Pallets

Drum pallets are generally 48x48. Drum pallets can have either 3 or 4 stringers. We can sort drum pallets for stringer quantity, depending upon your requirements.

Other sizes and styles of reconditioned pallets are available. Please call us with your reconditioned pallet requirements, and we’ll find the best fit to economically and safely ship your product.

Other pallet sizes that we typically stock:

  • 30x30
  • 36x36
  • 40x40
  • 42x42
  • 44x44
  • 48x48
  • CP1
  • CP3
  • CP7
  • Euro pallets