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Giving Back

At General Pallet, we help the world deliver.  It’s a purpose that goes beyond pallets and crating and to us also means helping to deliver for the next generation.  As a result, much of our philanthropic effort is focused on children.

These efforts carry personal significance for Jeff and Kevin.  Growing up, Jeff was involved in a wide array of youth sports and today enjoys the opportunity to coach his children’s sports teams.  Kevin is a staunch advocate of public education and served for 26 years as a local school board member, as well as President of both the New Jersey and National School Boards Associations.

Hunterdon Central Regional High School 18-21 Program Partnership

January 2023 – General Pallet has partnered with Hunterdon Central Regional High School’s 18-21 year old Career Transition Program.  

This winter, we are proud to host Frankie, who joins us three days each week as part of a school-business partnership.  Frankie leads our cardboard recycling program by sorting and baling cardboard.  When he completes his recycling tasks, he helps keep our pallet manufacturing area safe and clean by sweeping and vacuuming. 

Frankie comes to work with a smile and enjoys the chance to work with his hands on tasks that are helping our environment through recycling.  We’ve enjoyed watching him expand his contribution and transition from completing tasks with assistance to working independently.

“Sewing” World Peace with Pedals for Progress

September 2022 – General Pallet is proud to continue a longstanding partnership with Pedals for Progress and Sewing Peace through the donation of pallets for their worldwide sewing machine initiative. This month, our pallets supported the first shipment of 72 sewing machines to Mogadishu, Somalia with the Hiran Youth Council! 

The Hiran Youth Council will be transporting these machines through their community outreach program as part of a larger shipment of other used goods to help local communities in and around Mogadishu. The organization will be setting up a training facility to teach young Somalis how to sew providing valuable vocational knowledge for years to come. Somalia is among one of the poorest countries in the world as it struggles with civil war, political unrest, and other economic issues.

We are proud to partner with Sewing Peace, helping them and the world deliver!

South Amboy, NJ Hurricanes Compete in Cooperstown

July 2022 – How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice! Practice! Practice!  How do you get to Cooperstown? With a little help from a lot of people and General Pallet!

General Pallet helped fund a local New Jersey travel baseball team on its quest to travel to Cooperstown, NY for a week to compete in a tournament.  While there, the athletes also had a chance to take in the sights as well as the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

While there were no pallets needed in order for us to help deliver on this opportunity, we are proud to be part of an experience that these athletes will remember for the rest of their lives!

“Time and Material” to the Lehigh Valley Flames

June 2022 – Time and Material took on a new meaning as General Pallet sponsored the Lehigh Valley Flames Softball team this season.

As a result of General Pallet’s sponsorship, the team was able to purchase new uniforms for the athletes and the ladies looked great with the General Pallet logo on their sleeves.  Given their love of youth sports, Jeff and his wife, Tammy, also assumed the roles of assistant coaches for the team.  It was definitely a “time” and “material” contribution!

The season culminated with the girls securing the 2022 USCSA Fastpitch Tournament 12U “C” Championship. Way to go girls!  We are proud of you!