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General Pallet Overview & History

Founded in 1954, General Pallet is a leading producer, recycler, and distributor of pallets, crates, and shipping containers.  Our company values Integrity, Relationships and Results.  We seek to not only be a pallet supplier, but a true supply chain partner.

Full-service new pallet programs are available for both domestic and international shipping. General Pallet is licensed to heat treat and certify pallets for export.

A company with national reach, General Pallet is experienced in national account management.  We can be your single solution for all your pallet needs.  Imagine only needing one supplier which will partner with your multiple locations!

General Pallet actively seeks pallets to recycle to reduce waste and help clients realize significant savings.  Allow us to develop a recycling program for your company.  We can supply carbon footprint reduction data to support your green and sustainability initiatives.

Let us give your used pallets a second chance!